IUI problems


We have been trying for 3 years, im 33 my partner is 39. We have had all the tests bloods, ovulation, HSG and sperm test all came back ok and have unexplained diagnosis.
We had our first cycle of IUI in Sept after having 6 months of clomid. Following the procedure I bled constantly for the next 2 weeks apart from a few days, the nurses at the hospital seem puzzled by this and have suggested for the next cycle of IUI I take double the dose of the progesterone pessary so 800mg. They have told me if the same thing happens on our 2nd cycle we'll have to move onto IVF - we are entitled to 3 cycles of IUI

Can you offer any advice as to what the bleeding might indicate? Does it suggest the treatments not suitable for me or that there's something wrong?
My normal cycle is around 24 days, since clomid I usually have 2 days of light bleeding around day 15 and then nothing until around day 24.


  • Dear,

    Thank you for your question. It is difficult to give you an accurate answer without performing a physical examination or an ultrasound. 

    The first thing I would recommend is a vaginal ultrasound to check if there are no polyps or fibroids that could cause the bleedings. If the result is normal and it is the first time that you have this type of bleedings I wouldn’t worry much about it, as it is probably caused by a punctual hormonal alteration. 

    You are young and all the exam results are normal so you have to keep trying and be positive, because the prognosis is good in your case.

    I wish you all the best!

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Clara Colomé
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