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Dear wished to be mothers!

This is just to share our wonderful experience with Eugin Clinic and through their competent team, me at 48 and my husband 49  we bacame parents of a wonderful baby boy one yr and hlaf ago.

I was one of the desperate woman after having repeated IVF treatment failure. My husband and I have decided to give it the last chance, that will be with EUGIN Barcelona clinic. I happend to choose the clinic by chance,  but ofcourse with a carful screening and with their competent language skill and the capacity of the clinic, which could offer various treatments to the needs of the patients. The various medical facilities encouraged me to give it a try. With just one phone call and email correspndance the team was after me inquiring and providing valuable information. There were times where we were almost to give up, due to a slight administrative issues. However, they were just doing their jobs, we finally realized that we were just unpatient and irritated with our internal lost hopes. I do appreciate their patience and professionalism. We were strongly praying, so that wonder happens. They took us along to our destination with full support and became fruitful. Thank God!  Here we are again, going for the second one.

I would really recmmend for any "lost hope woman in fertility" just go to EUGIN you are in good hands!! Thank you Eugin team!  keep it up!

Good Bless!


  • Dear Gabriyo,
    Thank you very much for your kind words expressing your gratitude to all our team.

    We feel genuinely happy and proud that through our work we have been able to help you have your baby and we hope to help you again to make your family grow.

    Greetings and our very best wishes from all the EUGIN team!
  • So great to hear such a story :)
  • That's a great and, what's important, inspiring story! It can help lots of families not to give up on their goals. I had a similar story. All our efforts were failures. My husband had severe stress because of work that affected his reproductive system. Thankfully, we found out about cbd products that helped him to lighten him emotionally and soon he overcame his issues.
  • Hello! I am 42. When I was 41 years old I became a mother thanks to the center "Mother and Child" in Ukraine. No amount of examinations, 3 clinics, 2 unsuccessful IVF attempts, how much money was spent ... all wasted was passed before. At 38 I already despaired and thought — that's enough, probably already too late! But my friend assured that it was worth a try. There are very experienced doctors in Kiev. My doctor assured that there were no problems with age, the indicators were normal and I decided to try the third time. I advise everyone not to despair and fight to the victory, regardless of age. Logan - that is my son's name! What I wish for all of you. Good luck! 
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    thank you
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