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I am 38, with my AMH of 1.9 and one failed IVF ( 2 good embryos transferred) I have been advised that my chances of success would greatly increase with donor eggs. How do we know that my body won't reject these if we go ahead? I am worried that I may have a problem with implantation. ( my consulant suggested that i may have autoimmune disease affecting my ovaries since my Dad has several autoimmune diseases. Is there any way of testing for this? Is there any advice about how to select a reputable IVF clinic in Europe. Prices vary from clinic to clinic and we are finding it hard to know where to start. Any advice is appreciated or of anyone has been through this process I would be grateful for contact from you.
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    Dear Gilly,

    Many thanks for letting us know about your doubts.

    In your personal situation with 38 years, a low ovarian reserve and 2 failed IVF I agree that you should start evaluating the option of using donor eggs. 

    The most important factor to increase success rates is to have good quality eggs, which is something we can achieve with donor eggs, even though we still can’t guarantee a positive result. 

    However I also think it would be interesting to rule out any other possible cause of failure, you could do some exams first: for example a hysteroscopy with an endometrial biopsy, a karyotype for both you and your partner, thyroid function (TSH and antibodies) and all the panel of tests for autoimmune and genetic alterations affecting implantation (ANA, Protein C & Protein S activity, Prothrombine’s gen mutation, antithrombine III, Leiden factor V, Homocysteine). 

    Regarding how to choose the clinic to do an egg donation, I would advise you to check on internet and also ask your gynecologist. There are different laws all over Europe on anonymity of the donation (for example it is anonymous in France and Spain but not in the UK) and I would also advise you to find a clinic with a large experience on the subject. 

    I hope to have been of assistance to you.

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Clara Colomé
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