Early Menopause Diagnosis

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My husband and I had success with you in 2012 using a donated egg and his sperm. Now that our daughter is a little older, we are considering going through the process again. I understand your age limit (and I am still under the limit). However, at 45, I have been diagnosed as beginning menopause by my OB/GYN. 

Is there still a possibility of trying for another baby with another donor egg even though I am starting the menopause process?

Thank you in advance for your time.   
  • Dear Kimpossible,

    We are really pleased to hear that you would like to try again at fulfilling your wish of becoming a mother with us.

    As you are receiving donated eggs, the fact that you have been diagnosed with early-onset menopause is not a disadvantage when it comes to getting pregnant. As far as your case is concerned, we are interested in seeing how the uterus responds to the hormones we will administer orally or using patches.

    We would also like to mention that regardless of whether or not patients are experiencing menopausal symptoms, the chances of success are still the same.

    We are entirely at your disposal to answer any queries you may have concerning this.

    Kind regards

    The Eugin Team
  • Early menopause isn't such a terrible diagnosis. You have another 3-4 years to get pregnant. I think you should keep your nerves. This became a serious hindrance for women without a similar diagnosis. Take care of yourself)
  • I think enough time has passed for TS. I hope that everything went well for her. I was very nervous about this too until the doctor advised me to take a sedative regularly. You can check this to read a good article about it. When my emotional state returned to normal, I saw my long-awaited positive result)) Never doubt yourself!
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