My embryo's heartbeat

I underwent the IVF-ICSI cycle last June at Clinica Eugin upon the recommendation of my OB-GYNE in Switzerland.  It was my first time and I never got pregnant or gave birth naturally before.  At 43 years old, my husband and I were already informed about the very low success rate for women at this age using own eggs.  But still we took the chance.  

The service and the professionalism of the medical and administrative staff of Eugin Clinic made a very big difference in my journey which gave me the courage to try and go on despite the many discouraging stories I have read on the internet.  Only 2 eggs were retrieved but only one was viable for fertilization.  After 2 days, that lone egg evolved and was optimal for egg transfer.  This step already gave me great joy!  And then the 2-week wait.  Honestly,  I was not hoping so much and was making myself ready emotionally just in case I will be tested negative during the pregnancy test by blood test.  All throughout,  Eugin Clinic was with me,  checking on me and giving me the much needed moral support during those times.  And with much, much joy,  I was tested positive after 14 days from the egg transfer and the values increased more than double after 48 hours which was a very good sign!  Another great joy!  

And then the wait for the time when I will have my first ultrasound scan to verify the heartbeat and the location of the embryo 6 weeks after the transfer.  I did it yesterday and great news!!!  We saw the heartbeat and the doctor said the rate is perfect, the embryo's size is just the right one and the location is perfect.  Just imagine how incredibly happy my husband and I are!!!!  I know it's still a long way to go but with the progress of my pregnancy at this time,  this is already overwhelming!  

From the bottom of my heart,  I want to thank Clinica Eugin for being with me all throughout the journey.  You helped make the impossible become possible.  
  • update: i am now in my 35th week of pregnancy and thankfully, no complications so far and the baby is growing perfectly normal. I am expected to give birth on March 4. The big day is coming! Looking forward to see and hold the biggest miracle in my life.
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