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I have a balanced translocation and after lots of miscarriages and failed cycles, I may be ready for another treatment.
I have some questions first:
I would like to have the biopsy on day 5 . Can i have a fresh transfer or i need to have Frozen Embryo Transfer next month?
I would like to have the ccs micro array analysis ( it looks at all chromosomes): is it possible? Do you know this technic?
Are you doing the genetic analysis in your own lab (same place) or my cells need to be shipped to an exterior genetic lab?
What are your success rate for ivf pgd ? I am 37.
  • Dear Anne,
    Thank you for taking part in our forum in order to share your case and to consult us about your doubts.
    We would like to inform you that we carry out the PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) using the NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technique and, indeed, this allows us to study all the embryo cell chromosomes.
    We perform the biopsy of the embryos on the fifth day and we vitrify the embryos so that we can carry out the transfer in a subsequent cycle. There is also the possibility of doing the biopsy on day 3 of the embryo and in this case, we could indeed do the embryo transfer on day 5 when we will already have the test results.
    On the other hand, we wish to inform you that the embryonic cell analysis is carried out in an external laboratory.

    The chances of pregnancy in the case of transferring suitable embryos after performing this technique are those of any woman of your age. That is to say, approximately 35-40%, as you can see for yourself on our website: .

    During the first visit the doctor would be able to inform you about all these details.
    Meanwhile, we remain at your entire disposal to provide you with any further information you may need. If you prefer, you can contact our patient care team directly so that all your questions can be answered in a personalised way: .

    We will be delighted to help you.
    Kind regards from the EUGIN team
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