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I am 44 and need egg donation. 

I am still looking to find a solution and have been reading various sites, blogs and reviews-pretty difficult to compare success rates and clinics..

However, I was told that some clinics do not share eggs from the same donor while others do and this practice has an influence on the outcome.
Namely, that exclusivity with the donor has better results than egg sharing that some clinics do. 

Could you clarify and advise, please?

Thank you in advance.
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    Dear Pocaklako, 

    To achieve the desired number of embryos our oocyte donation programme is based on stimulating donors by using a mild stimulation protocol that prioritizes egg quality and provides comfort to the donor. The result for a recipient tends to be 6-7 mature oocytes and, as a rule, the set of oocytes obtained by a donor is assigned to a recipient. 

    However, oocyte vitrification and, consequently, the possibility of making an egg bank, enables us to work more comfortably and adapt to the patient's particular case.

    That is, there are cases where, because of the woman's, or partner's, reproductive history, more eggs from those obtained after the fresh puncture would be needed. The egg bank allows us to collect eggs from the same donor and assign the required number according to the clinical case.

    Sometimes there is no need to inseminate a large number of eggs given the nature of the case and due to the fact that pregnancy rates are always excellent. 

    Because of this, and catering to the different clinical cases, we have an egg bank that allows us to offer the most appropriate solution for our patients.

    And finally, we would like to mention that in Spain the egg donation procedure is by law anonymous. The selection of the donor or "matching" process will be done by following in detail the physical characteristics of the recipient female and without needing to go on a waiting list. 

    We hope we have answered your queries and invite you to share on this platform any issue that may be of interest.

    Kind regards,

    The EUGIN team
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