Problem of loneliness.

For about two and a half years my sister can not find a normal man. She's always complaining to me about her loneliness. How does a 31-year-old single woman find a good man for a serious relationship?
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  • This is actually a serious problem now. I can’t explain what this is connected with, but men don’t want a serious relationship now. I discussed this topic with my brother. He opened my eyes to many things.  You know that the so-called "brides" have become very mercantile. It is important for them, first of all, the position of a man in society and his condition. They require gifts and attention but give nothing in return. Brother gave a simple example. He can call an escort girl 3 times here -  Or he can arrange a romantic date with a potential bride. Do you feel the difference? An escort girl will give him easy flirting and hot sex. It is guaranteed. Why waste your time and nerves in vain if you can get what you want right away?  This is a simple answer.
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